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Security for Your Network

As work environments become more decentralized, protecting your network and data has become increasingly complex. Traditional gateway security measures are no longer sufficient, as users are now working from a variety of locations such as the office, home, coffee shops, and more. Each device must be self-reliant when it comes to security.

At Treasure Coast IT Solutions, we understand the critical importance of safeguarding your data wherever it may be. As a result, we continually evaluate our security solutions to ensure that our customers’ devices are adequately protected. We implement multi-layered security protocols to keep our customers’ networks, endpoints, and data as secure as possible.

Next Generation Endpoint Protection

Our customers benefit from our partnership with Heimdal, providing Next Generation Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) services that most cyber-liability insurance providers now require. Heimdal’s solution offers industry-leading local file and registry scanning, real-time cloud scanning with machine learning, sandboxing, behavior-based scanning, and ransomware protection.

In addition, our Complete Technology Management customers receive Heimda’s Managed Extended Detection & Response (MXDR) service, which provides 24×7 proactive monitoring and threat remediation. Monitoring is provided by Heimdal’s accredited Security Operation Center (SOC) and provides 24x7x365 response.

Heimdal Endpoint Security
DNS & App Filtering

DNS & App Filtering

In today’s landscape, safeguarding web traffic from both browsers and apps is more critical than ever. With over 70% of cyberattacks involving the DNS layer, filtering web traffic has become a crucial step in protecting your organization from malware, phishing attacks, and other online threats. Malware typically uses the domain name system to establish connections with command and control servers, making DNS filtering an effective way to prevent malware from functioning. Additionally, filtering DNS helps to prevent access to potentially harmful websites, such as phishing sites, malicious advertisements, and inappropriate content.

At Treasure Coast IT Solutions, we understand the importance of DNS filtering, and that is why we have trusted DNSfilter to protect our customers’ networks since their beta stage. Today, DNSfilter has become the leader in this vital sector, offering reliable and efficient protection for our customers’ web traffic.

  • Faster DNS Replies than Cisco Umbrella, Google, or Cloudflare
  • Real-time AI-Powered Classification for New Domains
  • Feed Augmentation from New Scotland Yard and the Internet Watch Foundation
  • AI-Powered Image Analysis Defeats Phishing Websites
  • Continuous Crawl for Newly Registered Domains
  • New Domain Greylisting
  • DNSSEC to Prevent DNS Request Manipulation by Hackers
  • Data Logging
  • Roaming Client Protection for Laptops

Network Edge Security

Protecting the network edge of your sites remains a critical security layer for your organization. Installing a basic firewall or relying on a Comcast Business Router does not offer adequate security for most organizations and is likely non-compliant if you have cyber liability insurance.

At Treasure Coast IT Solutions, we recommend using WatchGuard or Zyxel Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions. Both vendors offer competitively priced solutions that can provide advanced edge protection for your network, regardless of whether you are a 5-person organization or a 200-person organization with multiple locations.

UTM devices provide a higher level of network security through features such as geo-enforcement, web and application security, cloud sandboxing, malware blocking, intrusion prevention, and reputation filtering. These features are especially important as cyber threats continue to evolve and increase in frequency and complexity.

Network Edge Security Partners
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